A Message from the Trustee

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I hope you had a great March Break, and some may even have headed south for a few days. I sure hope you all like our nice spring weather we’re now having. Oh wait, spring forgot to bring her weather! Right now as I’m writing this message I see an ice covered river and about four feet of snow out my window. So I’m guessing the groundhog was wrong this year. 

In talking with the principal I know there are lots of great things happening at Bobcaygeon PS. I already have it on my calendar to attend a couple of events in the near future and I’m also hoping to do some classroom visits in April.

I reminded parents to talk with your children about staying away from the ice and/or fast moving water. I know the weather will be warming up and we don’t need to hear of any tragic accidents happening.

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TrusteeJohn Byrne – TLDSB School Trustee – Wards 2, 3, 6 & 7

“Personal example carries more weight than preaching.” Chinese Proverb