Bobcaygeon Public School – – Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Norms and Expectations

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Dear Parents and Guardians:

The Bobcaygeon PS’s policy regarding technology that is brought into the school by students is founded in the Trillium Lakelands District School Board’s Code of Conduct, specifically in the section of the Code which outlines expectations regarding the appropriate use of technology as copied below:


 Use of internet and electronic devices must not violate the Code of Conduct standards or impact negatively on safe, caring, and orderly schools.


 a) adhere to the TLDSB Appropriate Use of Information/Communication Technology and Technology Services Policy BU-3035 and Procedure BU-3036;

b) use cellular phones and electronic devices only in times and locations as determined by school policy;

c) be personally responsible for their own devices and any activity and content on those devices or the internet accessed by their passwords;

d) be accountable for the content of any memory storage devices (e.g. USB memory sticks) and use them with the knowledge that staff has a right to request to see the content;

e) alert a staff member if they have knowledge of harmful or harassment types of behaviours targeting any of their classmates via the use of electronic devices or internet sites;

f) be accountable for off-school property behaviour using internet sites or electronic devices which have a negative impact on the school environment.



 a) use the camera capabilities of electronic devices in areas where there is an expectation of privacy (i.e. washrooms, change rooms) or any other situation where there is a known objection to taking pictures;

b) use the internet or other technologies to threaten, harass or demean another member of the school community, especially when those actions interfere with that member’s safety or ability to function in the school;

c) access inappropriate websites.


4.7.3 Loss, Theft, and / or Confiscation of Devices

 a) The school is not responsible for students’ personal electronic devices in the event of loss, damage or theft.

b) Where a student violates any of the student responsibilities outlined in this document, the device may be temporarily confiscated by staff and returned to the parent or guardian (or adult student ) after the instructional day, or as deemed appropriate by the school administration.



Bobcaygeon Public School Policy[i]

Students are permitted to have devices at school that have educational value and are used for educational purposes. Bringing personal devices to school is at the discretion of parents and guardians, as students will have access to technology whenever access to technology is a requirement for learning. Students are to be respectful and cooperative in the use of digital devices and comply with digital citizenship regarding respecting others privacy and property as well as appropriate use of the devices. Students are only to bring devices they are familiar with and able to use effectively for educational purposes without needing teacher or technical support.

Only devices with educational value, as defined by the teacher, are to be brought –i.e., No Nintendo DS or gaming devices. Approved devices are to be used to conduct Internet searches, to record presentations, take pictures for school projects, used as calculators or timers, employ specific applications, searching maps, word processing, etc.

 Bobcaygeon Public School Expectations:

  •  The use of a personal technology devices (PTD) or computers is a privilege, not a right and can be removed if it interferes with student learning.
  • Students can bring PTDs such as cell phones and laptops to school, but are not allowed to use them during class time unless allowed by a teacher.  Students are responsible for securing their own devices and MUST turn them off and put them away during regular school hours.
  • The teacher may send a student to the office if a PTD is being used inappropriately during class time.  The principal may confiscate the device and store it securely until the matter is resolved.
  • The school principal may decide when and where PTDs are allowed in the school.
  • Students can use PTDs to connect to the school network for internet access only.
  • Students cannot take pictures or capture video with their PTDs in private areas such as washrooms or change rooms.
  • Any pictures or videos published electronically and taken on school property or at a school event must have the permission of the individual(s), their parents or the principal/designate.
  • There is to be no use of technology devices, including cell phones,outside the classroom (unless allowed by a teacher), in hallways, bathrooms, playground, or any other common area outside of the students’ own classroom.
  • Communication from parents/guardians via text or phone calls can be checked during nutritional breaks and recess with the permission of a teacher.  Communications regarding illness or missing items (e.g., lunch, agenda) will be made through the Office or Classroom Teacher in order to ensure clarity and safety.


Thank you for your continued support of your children and their learning.


Jane Austin,Principal


[1] Trillium Lakelands DSB, OP-6021, CODE OF CONDUCT


[i] References:  Trillium Lakelands District School Board Code of Conduct 2013; Toronto Catholic District School Board Acceptable Use Policy; 2013-2014 Bobcaygeon Public School Grade 7 and 8 Technology Norms;