A Day in the Life of a Laker…

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After 3 snow days, the staff and students of BPS hit the ground running, with an action-packed day. Here are just a few of the highlights witnessed on a short tour.

Madame Lepine was busy with an entourage of parents, making “la tire”, French toffee in her junior French classes. Thank you to Madame Lepine for the experience and to our wonderful parent volunteers for helping make candy and clean the sugary residue off of everything in our staff room.

Ms. Picken’s crew were being coached in the fine art of volleyball by 3 members of our Intermediate Boys volleyball team during phys.ed class. Zack, Addison, and Tyler, have been working hard, mentoring this group and helping them work on their skills.

Last but not least, our lovely kindergartens in Ms.Kimble, Dietrich, and Prentice’s class were busy making Kandinsky circles in their “art studio” where they are doing a fine art inquiry, imitating the works of famous artists.