A Word from Your Trustee

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 I hope you had a great March break, and some may even have headed south for a few days. I sure hope you like our nice spring weather we’re now having. Oh wait, spring forgot to bring her weather! Right now as I’m writing this message I see an ice covered river and about two feet of snow out my window.  

This time of year there‘s lots of flooding and I’d ask parents to talk with your children about staying away from the ice and/or fast moving water. Every year we hear about tragedies involving both adults and children regarding thin ice and/or fast moving water. This is an important discussion that we can’t put off, so please don’t hesitate, have it NOW.

Again welcome back to all students and staff as we head down the homestretch to ………… SUMMER.

John Byrne – TLDSB School Trustee – Wards 2&3“Security is Mostly a Superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing,” Helen Keller