Bobcaygeon Return to School Update

What a roller coaster these past couple of weeks have been.  While the conditions are far less than ideal, I am thrilled to be returning to in person learning on Monday and would like to share with you some of the changes that we are making in order to ensure as safe an environment as possible for our students and staff. These are to suppement the message you received yesterday from the Trillium Lakelands DSB.

  1. Tighter cohorting:  Students will remain with their class cohort for the entire day.  This means we are returning to class cohorting on the recess yard. Classes will be assigned an area on the yard and specific times to access their space.
  2. Masking: Students will be required to wear masks that are properly fitted.  If students do not wear masks properly we will follow these steps.
    • We will provide a properly fitted 3 ply cloth mask or a pediatric mask to the student and ensure a proper fit.
    • If the student persists in not wearing their mask properly, we will be contacting families for support.
      • Younger students (K-3) will be given lessons on how to properly wear the mask and reminders from the school and families on the importance of wearing masks to prevent illness.
      • Older students (4-8) will be given 2 reminders. If they fail to properly wear their mask following these steps, the student will be sent home.
  3. Students who are found not following Covid protocols such as mask wearing, mixing cohorts, following hygiene rules, etc. will be removed from class in order to ensure the safety of the students and staff around them. Persistent non-compliance will result in the student being sent home.
  4. Screening and Isolation: We ask that all students complete the daily self-assessment prior to arrival at school. We are required as a school to implement daily on-site confirmation of student screening prior to/upon arrival at school. With older students, this will take the form of a verbal confirmation and with younger students a visual assessment by a teacher.  Families will be contacted by the school if their child has not competed the daily self assessment.
    • Click on students for the updated screening tool.
  5. Moving to Remote Learning: Due to the expectation of increased staff and student absences as well as bus driver absences, we are expecting to have to pivot some classes to remote learning on very short notice. If your child’s class is affected, we will be sending messaging home through School Messenger as soon as we are able. In some cases, this may not happen until 6 – 6:30 am in the morning.  Please check your email each morning for any potential classroom closures.
  6. Technology: If we move to remote learning for a short time period (a few days), we will not be handing out technology. If you have the following devices at home, you are able to connect with your child’s online classroom: laptop, iPad, PlayStation, Xbox, Smart Phone.  Here is an article that shows you how to link these devices to Google Classroom. If we move to remote for longer periods of time, then we will look at distributing technology to those students who require it.
  7. Students who are sent home to self-isolate: Teachers will be posting daily asynchronous work on their digital classroom platform (Google classroom or SeeSaw). Students who access the digital classroom and hand in work will be marked present for attendance purposes.
  8. Technology Return: To those students and families who borrowed technology from the school during these past 2 weeks, please return the Chromebook to school on Monday.  We need them to support our in-person programming.