Bob’s Friday Update – Dec. 9, 2022

On December 16th, each student will be shopping for their family members for Christmas in our Holiday Shopping Spree.  We will start the shopping spree in kindergarten and continue in order up through the grades.  If there is a shortage of donated items, upper grades may not have the chance to shop.

We are accepting donations of used items up until December 16th so please send any donations to the school.  We also need gift wrap, gift bags and tags. We are so grateful for your generosity.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Dec. 1 – 15th – School collecting donations for the Christmas Shopping Spree

Dec. 13 – Cinderella @ Globus Theatre

10:00 McKinnon, Kimble, Ellerington, Ball, Hotel

12:30 Varden, Gallagher, Gilpin, Taggart, Swartman

Dec. 14 – Cinderella @ Globus Theatre

10:00 Clark/Coulter, Trent, Crowther, Finlay

12:30 Cook, Kruger, Wesselink, Ganz

Dec. 16 – Plaid Day

Dec. 16 – Christmas shopping spree

Dec. 19 – 21 – Primary Craft Rotations

Dec. 20 – Festive Dinner

Dec. 22 – Christmas Sweater/Christmas Colours Day

Dec. 22 – Last Day of School

Jan. 9 – First Day of School of 2023!