Me to We: “Kiss the Pig” Fundraiser

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If you have been by the office lately, you may or may not have seen the attractively-decorated (and various sized) piggies in the front display case.  The BPS WE Team is encouraging everyone to participate in Kiss the Pig, a fundraiser to support the refurbishing of a well in Kenya.  Our team has been working hard, learning about the issues surrounding the availability of clean water and they want to do something about it.

Join the fun by donating your loose change to the piggy bank of the staff member who you would like to see Kiss the Pig!

Mrs. Hetherington / Mrs. Taggart / Mrs. Tokar / Ms. Murray /

Mr. Coulter / Ms. Vance / Mrs. Taylor / Ms. Ball /

Mr. Gage / Mrs. Mackie / Mrs. Janke / Mr. McMurray

Piggy Banks will be available during lunch from April 3—7, so grab that loose change and let’s see who get’s to “pucker up” for a good cause!