School Newsletter – January, 2021

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Dear Families,

Welcome to a New Year at Bobcaygeon Public School!

WOW! We, as parents, guardians, and care givers of our lovely children have all made it through Christmas, New Years and a few weeks of remote learning. Congratulations to you all! A huge appreciation to all teachers, educational assistants, administrators and office staff that have made this transition a smooth one. For some, remote learning was less than ideal; we all understand the frustrations that come with one or both parents working, internet issues, technology issues, materials not easily accessible, etc.

Please note, if you have any questions about your child(s) learning -whether they are remote learning or bricks and mortar learning-your child(s) teacher and administrators are there for you. Reaching out to your child(s) teacher is not difficult at all. Their email address is easily attainable from the office receptionist. You can also contact one of the school’s administrators, Ms. Tischa Hetherington and Ms. Melissa Oke.

As you all have heard, the Minister of Education along with the Minister of Health and our local Health Unit have indicated that our students will be returning from remote learning back to bricks and mortar learning starting Monday, January 25, 2021. I have had the opportunity to attend a virtual, District School Council meeting with Mr. Wes Hahn, Director of TLDSB a few nights ago. During this meeting Mr. Hahn indicated that we are managing very well through this pandemic. He has felt that the schools in our area were very safe before the lockdown and he feels the same way now. The local Health Unit mentioned that we are in a low infection/disease area. Our board is one of the only school boards that implemented masking for kids in grades K to grade 12 back in September and our Covid screening measures seem to be way ahead of many other school boards.

In the months to come, the Board is looking into having two individuals speak (virtually) to parents in regards to the pandemic. I can tell you these two speakers seem to be very knowledgeable and it will certainly be worth attending. I will put out more information as it becomes available to me.

We wish you a very happy and fulfilling year of learning and growing at Bobcaygeon Public School.

Thank you,
Jessica Jowitt, President of School Council BPS